Carpet Cleaning Egham are the people you need when it comes to professional grade carpet and rug cleaning solutions minus the high costs and margin for error. With extensive experience in professional steam cleaning services we have the technical capacity and practical skills to handle your requirements with the due precision and efficiency. With us, people don’t have to worry about errors, damage, delays or other setbacks during cleaning as we have taken all necessary measures to ensure our private and business customers in Egham receive nothing short of the best possible service at the best possible price.

Our service range gives you freedom of choice & convenience

We have been able to develop and maintain a highly versatile range of cleaning solutions, covering various general and specialised requirements – from basic one off clean-ups to special purpose solutions like steam cleaning for carpets, curtains and upholsteries. Keep in mind our services can be modified to suit individual needs, or booked in combination with each other for more convenience and extra value for money.

  • Carpet Cleaningprofessional steam cleaning for carpets, rugs and runners. Safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibres, will not damage physical, optical or comfort properties of rugs and carpets. Highly effective in stain removal and eradication of bacteria. Delivers long lasting results and deep hygiene you can see and feel. Cleaning process can be performed safely on a regular basis. Service prices start at only £22!
  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaningspecialised cleaning treatment for delicate sofa finishes and upholstery fabrics. Easily removes stains, soiling and lingering odours, will not affect colour fastness, dimensions or comfort properties of fabrics and material finishes. Does not reverse sunlight damage (fading, discolouration). Safe and suitable on all types of natural and synthetic fabrics and finishes.
  • Mattress Cleaningensure better bedroom hygiene with a professional steam cleaning for your mattress. Cleans deep inside the mattress, not just superficially. Removes stubborn odours, staining and soiling without affecting mattress comfort or visual appeal. Equipment used cleans effectively on all sides of the mattress eradicating insect eggs, mites and bacteria. The process can be performed safely on regular intervals.
  • Additional serviceswe also provide a number of additional services, available separately or together with any other treatments we have on offer. Choose from things like professional hard floor cleaning – available as one off or on a fixed schedule basis, specialised curtain cleaning – some TLC for your delicate curtain fabrics, also jet wash/pressure cleaning for exterior hard surfaces like patios, driveways etc.

Unless otherwise specified on our website, all the services listed here (and some additional ones) are available for booking seven days a week, including bank holidays to all private and business customers in Egham.

Our cleaners and equipment – always up to the task

In order to provide our residential and commercial customers with impeccable service, and consistently good industry standard results we work with qualified and experienced cleaners who have the skills and expertise to perform exceptionally well in their respective field of expertise. All of our staff are trained in the safe and efficient use of professional grade cleaning systems. This not only ensures better results, but also reduces service time and material waste. Professional cleaning solutions organised and provided by Carpet Cleaning Egham deliver outstanding results without excess costs. We ensure immaculate hygiene where it’s needed most. Some of our cleaning treatments are available on a regular basis so you get to have your home, office or establishment cleaned professionally yet affordably whenever and however you require. No extra fuss, no unnecessary hassles – we know the easy way to cleanliness.