Carpet Cleaning Egham was founded a few years ago with the intent of providing people with better cleaning solutions at better prices. Who cares about cleaning – some people might say, well for starters we do!

We are genuinely committed to providing a better standard of cleaning service to private and business customers in Egham. As a company we believe that quality of life is not just about money, food, shelter and healthcare but also about clean and fresh living and working environment – thus our interest in professional cleaning. We are confident in our skills and performance – the quality of our work and the scores of happy customers we leave in our wake speak for themselves. We always strive to deliver the best possible results without cutting corners or allowing for any errors.

Our solutions are specially designed to provide convenience, flexibility and much needed peace of mind. We started with only a couple of cleaning treatments but quickly expanded our operation and graduated with honours to a full scale of comprehensive cleaning solutions covering different requirements. We understood that we were only as good as the people we had working for us therefore we made sure our cleaners are up to the task and performing at their peak level each and every time. Furthermore we took the time and effort to get familiar with the latest and greatest in cleaning technology – nowadays we use and apply state of the art, professional grade cleaning systems which not only ensure best possible results and no risk of damage but also reduce service time and material waste.

Proper customer care is another little something we are pretty serious about – a satisfied customer is both served well and looked after properly (not all businesses out there quite grasp that). In light of this we employ attentive and courteous customer care staff who have the people skills and professional experience to impeccable and reliable service to all of our clients. We like to conduct our business in a fair, honest and transparent fashion – in our opinion we have been able to do that so far which has made us the preferred cleaners for many homes, offices and establishments across Egham and surrounding areas. This is something we are very proud of, and consider it to be a sign of appreciation to our efforts. We are here to stay, and we intend to keep up the good work.