Looking to shave off a few quid from an already low price?

That’s fine with The Carpet Cleaning Wizard! We know that people are after value for money and cost efficiency, which is no problem for us as we maintain and provide a comprehensive range of special deals, preferential pricing and amazing discounts. We offer a range of special deals, applicable to all or selected service we offer (refer to actual special offer for additional information on availability). Some of our specials are permanent fixtures, while others are available for limited time only or on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. We use a system of discounts and preferential pricing available to regular and return customers.

If you are interested in obtaining preferential pricing and special discounts on your selected cleaning please speak to our consultants about how to make the most of your service and how to get the best possible price given the circumstances. A great way to save money and still get a lot of cleaning done is to use our service packages – combining more than one service into a bundle will deliver extra value for money and likely bring the end price down. Watch out for more special deals and amazing discounts coming soon!