Adequate pricing is crucial to the success of any product or service, the same goes for professional cleaning solutions.

If a given service, no matter how high a quality, is priced out of reach of its intended customers, then it is next to useless – making it a business failure. With Carpet Cleaning Egham however, you don’t have to worry about paying too much or paying for things you don’t need because our price is always right. Yes, we boldly stick that claim!

Our service pricing is fair, competitive and always reflects the actual scale of the job we have been contracted to do. Furthermore, our prices are reviewed on a regular basis in order to reflect the changes in market and cleaning industry – this way customer can be sure they are indeed paying the right price for their selected services. As always, we keep things fair and square – our job estimates and quoted prices do not contain any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. What’s been agreed is what’s due for payment. If we need to amend a given quote or agreed price, we will do so only after informing customers and obtaining their formal consent. For your convenience we offer different payment options.